Guides To Help You Understand Rice Cookers

Learning can be fun right? Work through our rice cooker info pages to help you decide which rice cooker is best for you

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Choose A Rice Cooker

This page will help walk you through the decision making process of choosing the rice cooker that is right for you and your requirements.

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Rice Cooker Comparison

We have a very useful rice cooker comparison table where you can look at the features / functions of our rice cookers at a glance.

Rice Cooker Capacity Guide

Let's talk about size and how to calculate your requirements which not only includes the amount of rice cooked but also the physical size of your cooker.


Rice Cooker Grain Guide

Use our tool to find best way to cook grains for your rice cooker to make sure that they do not overflow or become over/under cooked.

Slow Cook and Steaming Guide

A rice cooker can be used for so much more than rice. Some rice cookers have a SLOW COOK function which can replace your slow cooker.

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Displays And Countdowns

Arguably the most important part of a rice cooker. Learn which are more accurate and why and learn which have certain advantages over others.

Inner Bowls Of Rice Cookers

Arguably the most important part of a rice cooker but not all are created the same and some are better for you than others.

The 'YUM' Factor

We have a unique techologies that make our appliances stand out from the crowd. Thes are broad ranging so learn about them here..

Award Winning Products

Yum Asia rice cookers have achieved overwhelming praise from tech and gadget reviewers. Find out more here and why this is.

Tips, Rice Knowledge, User Manuals And More...

Dig deep into the rice world and become an expert in all things rice and rice cookers


Grains Explained

Learn the difference between various grains and what make each grain unique.

Yum Asia Premium Jasmine and Basmati Rice

How To Cook Our Rice

Learn the best way to cook Yum Asia brand rice either using a pan or a rice cooker.


How Is Rice Good For You?

Did you know that rice is very healthy for you! Explore more fun facts and it’s nutritional value.

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Tips And Troubleshooting

Having issue with your rice or rice cooker? Most of the time it’s rice grain issues or user error.

Greedy Panda Recipes

Need ideas for things to cook? Go to our Greedy Panda Food Blog to be inspired.

User Manuals

Lost your user manual? Want a PDF version? Maybe you want to have a read before you buy?

Energy Use Guidance

Find out how our products can save you money, the amount of savings and the reasons why.

Quality Assurance

Yum Asia maintains the highest quality and safety of our products throughout all our processes.

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Tips / Tricks

Exclusive advice from the rice experts

Spoilt for choice

Over 100 recipes

Vegetarian, Fish, Meat and Desserts

Healthier food


Veg lasagna, fried rice, jollof rice, Thai green curry...we have them all

Hearty goodness


Stroganoff, beef rendang, kimbap. rogan josh and much more

Aquatic delights


Salmon teryaki, Goan fish curry, Tenmusu, Sushi ideas etc

Treat time


Rice pudding, soul warming porridge, yummy cheesecake ..and so it goes

We share our many decades of using, developing and selling rice cooker technologies with you because we are passionate in our love of rice. We are proud to have ignited the rice cooker awakening in the UK and Europe.



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