Oyu by Yum Asia (4 litre) Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Our best selling and highly reviewed instant hot water dispenser.

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No fuss, no installation, just hot water at the touch of a button at the volume and temperature you need


3 Second Rapid Hot Water Dispense

Oyu is an Instant Hot Water Dispenser. It has unique technology that allows you to enjoy water at a wide range of temperatures with a 3 second rapid heat system to ensure your cup is filled fast. Temperature ranges from ambient (minimum temperature of 4°C) up to a maximum temperature of 99°C You can adjust the dispensing water temperature by 5°C intervals which means you can set your water temperature to whatever is the ideal temperature for your beverage. The amount of water dispensed can also be set up to 500ml using it's high flow mechanism


Modern Discrete HIDDEN UNDER Control Panel

Equipped with a modern touch LED HIDDEN UNDER display for easy use and hygiene. Cleverly hidden under the top is it's control panel. You can adjust the temperature, volume and dispense with the touch of a button. The memory can also hold the last temperature and volume dispensed to make brewing your favourite drink even easier! There is also a safety dispense lock to prevent accidental pouring of hot water.


Large 4L Capacity Water Tank

Many water dispensers have small 1 or 2 litre water tanks which you have to constantly refill. Oyu overcomes this with it's generously proportioned 4 litre storage tank that can keep you and you family going all day. It also has a removable cup stand so that it accommodates cups of all sizes, tall - or small!. The tank is also removable for easy cleaning.


Energy Saving Smart InstaHeat Technology

Using the smart insta-heat dispensing water at your chosen temperature, Oyu is the most energy saving water heater that we sell. You are only dispensing and heating the exact amount of water you require, whereas with a kettle you often boil a lot more than is needed, wasting both money due to overconsumption of energy or heat from the inefficient/non-existent insulation on a kettle. It saves energy compared to conventional water heaters because you aren’t keeping any water warm, you are just heating as it’s needed. Oyu is equipped with a Yum Ecoboil system which means it gets the water you are dispensing to the correct temperature fast to ensure the beverage you are brewing is fresh, hot and ready to drink right away. No having to wait for overboiled water to cool down so no burning your mouth either. 


Fits In Anywhere

Oyu has been styled to fit into any style of kitchen, office or other room you can think of. It's egonomic design is simply built but functional to a fine detai. So easy anyone can operate it with all the key safety features you would expect from our Yum Asia product line. Let's face it, we all need need a hot drink every now and again!

Oyu Instant Hot Water DIspenser Front On


Minimal water splutter compared to other instant hot water dispensers. Spout refined design


Good distance so enough to accommodate tall or short drink vessels


Detachable drip tray. Fully dissambles for good hygiene and cleanliness
Oyu Instant Hot Water Dispenser Showing Cup Stand


Rapid water dispenser pump which can output up to 500ml in one touch in under 1 minute.


Modern instant heat element that heats water to high temperatures in less than 5 seconds on demand


Large 4 litre capacity water tank with low level auto cut off valve system
Oyu Cup Stand Accessorya


Slide on thie included cup stand accessory for small cups or containers to make it easier to fill.
Oyu Instant Hot Water DIspenser Side showing display


Large 4 litre capacity but small on your worktop to give you more space


Display only appears on touch to give a nice clean minimal look when not active.


Clean, white thermpolymer cool touch food grade plastic with matte effect to suit any environmen
Oyu Instant Hot Water DIspenser Top Down MoTouch Display


Hidden under is a large ice white LED display that illuminates on touch to show dispense information.


Set desired volume or preset your regular filling volume up to 500ml. Adjust temp in 5° intervals from ambient to 99°C


Hands free dispensing. Set volume, press dispense get the correct amount of water at the correct temperature.


Auto dispense lock when not in use for safety. Prevents accidental scalding

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Oyu dispenses hot water at immediate drinking temperature compared to a traditional kettle which over boils hot water to temperatures higher than necessary. So no more waiting for your drinks to cool down before they are drinkable.

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  • Featured in ‘Best Instant Hot Water Kettle 2023’ article and awarded by T3
  • 4 litre capacity
  • Cool and stylish white, modern exterior
  • Instant hot water (3 to 5 seconds heat up)
  • Yum Ecoboil so you only heat what you need and ready to drink right away! Up to 75% energy saving compared to a regular kettle.
  • Ultra modern and hygienic touch LED ‘hidden under’ control panel display
  • Large illuminated dispense button for easy pouring of hot water
  • Cup stand accessory to raise small cups closer to the spout.
  • ‘Steady Stream’ flow mechanism technology to give a stable pour of hot water
  • High flow mechanism, can dispense up to 500ml in one touch
  • Dispenses variety of temperatures – ambient to 99°C (5° intervals)
  • Anti scalding safety lock with rate limiting dispense
  • Removable water tank for easy cleaning
  • 220-240V, 50Hz. Factory made for UK power. Detachable with 3 pin plug and cable


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What Makes Oyu Special?

The main disadvantage to ‘traditional’ electric water heaters is that they use a lot of energy keeping a tank full of water at the correct temperature for use, usually having to reboil at intervals to get the water to the temperature you want. The alternative are traditional kettles which are very inefficient due to having to boil more water than required and a lot of the heat from the boiling water being lost due to inadequate/non-existent insulation on the kettle.

Yum Asia selected the best Japanese water heater technologies and improved on them. We found that whilst vacuum technology to was good at keeping water hot, it was not as energy efficient as on demand ‘instant’ water heating where you only heat what you need. Oyu Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser is the answer to all of these issues. See our energy use guidance page for more details on how Oyu can reduces energy use and saves you money.

The Oyu smart instant hot water dispenser is a unique, stylish and modern water dispenser that allows you to enjoy fresh and safe hot or cold water instantly in your home or small office. With a 3 second rapid heat, it gives the convenience of serving the exact volume of hot water you need  at the exact temperature for drinking straight away, all available at the touch of a button. This means that you can enjoy the convenience of drinks at the exact temperature you want (ambient to 99°C), only heating the exact amount of water that is needed from the large 4 litre tank, thereby saving energy, time and money.

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123 reviews

123 reviews for Oyu by Yum Asia (4 litre) Instant Hot Water Dispenser

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  1. Robert (UK) (verified owner)

    This is a very nice product. Looks great, very minimal with the hidden display which is surprisingly very bright and can be seen clearly in my kitchen with lots of natural light. I have previously used a Breville water dispenser, which was more like a kettle it took so long to dispense, spat the water out and wasn’t accurate at all with volumes (you couldn’t walk away and leave it). This Oyu is a completely different story – it truly is instant hot water and takes about 5 seconds to fill my mug (300ml) and there is minimal splashing outside the mug. The volume dispense is bob on, dispenses the EXACT amount programmed. Excellent hot water dispenser and excellent service!

  2. Warren.T (UK) (verified owner)

    I just received this 2 days ago and I’m already impressed and inspired. It’s a lot better than I thought to be honest. I have been disappointed in 2 other instant hot water dispensers I have bought previously. But this one is just exactly what I need. The display touch is very responsive and clear. For my frothy coffee I chose below boiling which is ideal. I already have friends asking me what it is and saying how cool it is. Thank you for the fast service also.. Wish I had bought in a bundle but 8 have no regrets.

  3. Mary. Q (Ireland) (verified owner)

    I had been waiting for this water dispensers for a while now and finally it arrived last week 2 days from when I put in my order. Oyu is like nothing I’ve seen before. It’s a complete dream to use. The display is ready to press and puts water into my cups with no fuss and at perfect drinking temperature. I wish I could add a photo here of how dreamy it looks in my kitchen. It’s reassuring knowing that it has a 2 year warranty. I already have a sakura which has been used every day without fail. Another great addition to my useful kitchen appliances from yum asia

  4. Verified owner Adrien P. (verified owner)

    The design is beautiful, simple and elegant. YumAsia keeps its promises as the Oyu is really heating water in no more than 3 seconds. The only drawback is the height of the dispenser that I found a little too big for an home appliance. I own also a Sakura device, thankfully, I forgot this would be delivered only with a UK plug…

  5. Joyce (France) (verified owner)

    I ordered this for my apartment and it arrived in 3 days. Quite quick. I used to have a Breville so I know how these work but I needed a water tank that would last all day. I drink a lot of tea! My kitchen is very small and so oyu is ideal because it takes up very little table top space because it’s high rather than wide. I maybe I imagined it but it did take a couple of days for the heater to start dispensing fully hot water. I read somewhere that this is because it needs time to bed in? I can highly recommend

  6. Joyce (France) (verified owner)

    I ordered this for my apartment and it arrived in 3 days. Quite quick. I used to have a Breville so I know how these work but I needed a water tank that would last all day and oyu fit my requirements. I drink a lot of tea! My kitchen is very small and so oyu is ideal because it takes up very little table top space because it’s high rather than wide. I maybe I imagined it but it did take a couple of days for the heater to start dispensing fully hot water. I read somewhere that this is because it needs time to burn in? I can highly recommend

  7. Noah (verified owner)

    I’ve had a panda rice cooker now for 6 months na dit was one ofthe better (and more useful) things I bought for my kitchen so I gave a punt on this hot water dispenser. Having used a hot water kettle all my life I was a bit hesitant with the idea of hot water coming out at near boiling temperatures so quickly and had seen some bad reviews of other similr types of devices on the internet but I trust Yum Asia. I’m happy to say I love it! Love it lurve – no sitting around for 5 minutes waiting for a kettle to boil. The water comes out at drinkable temperature too so no having to wait to drink either. I’m now getting one for my mother in law who will find it easier to use than a kettle because no lifting. Brilliant.

  8. Arleta (Germany) (verified owner)

    Yum Asia have done it again with a beautiful and useful kitchen appliance. The design is really like an apple product, well though out and discrete but bright controls that make it look like something from the future. This is a hot water heater for the modern kitchen. I didn’t read that it only came with a 3 pin plug which cannot be separated like the Yum Asia rice cookers but it is not a big problem as I could easily change to a plug for Germany.

  9. Taylor P (UK) (verified owner)

    Oyu is an excellent replacement for a standard kettle. It’s a larger capacity size than my last instant hot water heater which was only 2 litres. That was a bit small for my husband and I so this fits perfectly with our lifestyle. We drink around 5 cups each a day of hot drinks and we have a baby for which the lower temperature settings are ideal. Very nice looking, easy to use with good friendly service. What more can we ask for?

  10. Emma (UK) (verified owner)

    Thank you for the quick delivery. I used to have something similar to thi when I lived in Tokyo but it wasn’t this fancy. It’s a good size for my family of 4 and can go all day without any issues or having to refill the water resevoir. The beeping is cute rather than annoying and the space saving worktop shape is perfect to sit under my wall cupboards. I’m thinking to get one for our office too.

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