Zojirushi CV-DSQ40 (4 litre) VE hybrid water heater

Made in Japan. Double Vacuum VE heat preservation with quick dispense.

ūüó≤‚Äď supplied with detachable UK 3 pin plug and power cord


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Rice Cooker Size Guide

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1 cup 180ml ~360ml ~90ml ~270ml - 1
2.5 cup 450ml ~1350ml ~270ml ~810ml ~900ml 1-2
3.5 cup 630ml ~1890ml ~360ml ~1260ml ~1300ml 1-3
4 cup 720ml ~2160ml ~720ml ~1440ml ~1400ml 1-4
5.5 cup 1000ml ~3000ml ~720ml ~2000ml ~2100ml 1-5
8 cup 1500ml ~4500ml ~1000ml ~3000ml ~3300ml 1-8
10 cup 1800ml ~5400ml ~1500ml ~3600ml - 1-10

Zojirushi CV-DSQ40 Water Dispenser Description Icons

  • 4 litre capacity
  • Very low energy consumption – 720W to boil and 20W per hour to keep warm (traditional kettles use 3000W per boil)
  • 75% energy saving compared to other water heaters using super-VE Hybrid technology
  • 3 temperature settings plus non-electric keep warm
  • Water level gauge
  • Dispense button for easy pouring of hot water
  • ‘Caf√©-drip’ mode
  • Timer function for up to 10 hours in advance
  • Non-stick inner container
  • Descaling mode for easy cleaning
  • 220-240V, 50Hz made for UK power. Supplied with a detachable UK power cord

Ever wanted the convenience of boiling water available at the touch of a button? Well it is as simple as this Zojirushi hot water heater – no more waiting to make hot drinks, noodles or soups. You just fill it up with water, switch it on and forget about it – until you’re ready for hot water. No Asian kitchen is without one!

The Zojirushi CV-DSQ40 saves energy – it is the latest technology for hot water heaters and has energy savings of 75% over other standard water heaters. See the specifications below for more information on energy consumption. This water heater is designed to be filled and left on continuously, so boiling water is available any time for hot drinks, ‘instant’ foods like ramen, filling flasks or general cooking use. The water heater doesn’t need to be emptied, just top it up with cold water when hot water is not needed – it takes between 25-35 minutes to bring the water to 98¬įC for the initial boil.

This Zojirushi super-VE Hybrid water heater has a similar footprint to your traditional kettle, the LCD screen displays what temperature the water inside is and once the initial boil has finished the unit will play a tune to let you know. The unit creates a vacuum insulated seal to ensure the water is kept at the highest temperature possible whilst conserving energy. This water heater is designed to be left on for 24 hours, seven days a week and has an automatic shut off feature to stop it boiling dry or if the lid isn’t shut properly. Unique to the super-VE Hybrid model is the Thermal Insulation Keep Warm mode – by selecting this you save energy as the power to the unit is shut off and the water is kept at the correct temperature by the thermal insulation built into the water heater. There is an easy to use energy saver timer function which can be programmed up to 10 hours in advance to have hot water ready for when you wake up in the morning or get in from work. By using the different keep warm settings you can save up to 25% electricity.

The only maintenance required is to descale the interior of the water heater at intervals depending on the scale build-up. Full instructions for descaling are provided in the manufactures manual and requires simple citric acid cleaner like a traditional kettle or coffee maker. This Zojirushi model is made in Japan.



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Yes. The water heaters are factory made for UK and European 220-240V, 50Hz power supply.

No. A lot of the energy in a traditional kettle is wasted because of poor insulation, as water is converted to steam before it switches off. There is also excess water which is heated and left in the kettle but not used – most people overfill their kettles. The inner pot of these water heaters are insulated therefore the energy goes into the water, no steam is produced and very little energy is needed to keep it warm. With Oyu water dispensers only the water you need to dispense is heated immediately.

It is estimated that maintaining the water temperature costs less than 7 pence per day (depending on electricity tariffs). Remember that each time you boil a kettle it costs you each time it is boiled – you are probably heating more water than you need too every time you boil your ordinary kettle and then letting it cool.

Zojirushi water heaters retain most of the energy used, therefore saving you money to use on other things!

Oyu instantly heats up your water on demand and so is even more energy efficient because you only use what you need and there is no heat having to be retained. 

Here is an example of the energy usage of our water heaters compared to a conventional kettle.

Yes. The display and menu is in English and the supplied manual is also in English.

Note that there are no other language options are available for the manual.

To take a look at the manuals, they are available to download.

To download user manuals in the UK please  click here

To download user manuals in Europe please click here

The Zojirushi products we sell are either made in dedicated Zojirushi factories in China or Japan. Only Zojirushi products are made in these factories; Zojirushi manufacturing standards are extremely high and the factories have a reputation of excellence with build quality and detailed quality control.

The CV-DSQ40 model is assembled in Japan.

The CV-TYQ40 is assembled in China.

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4 reviews

4 reviews for Zojirushi CV-DSQ40 (4 litre) VE hybrid water heater

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  1. Louise (UK) (verified owner)

    I recently replaced my CSQ30 with this newer model as it was a bigger capacity. It works as one would expect from zojiroushi…effortlessly! The extra litre capacity does make a big difference also the new colour works better with my kitchen.

    Thanks YumAsia.

  2. Verified owner Jack (Denmark) (verified owner)

    Amazing! Performs and looks perfect! Looks better in real life! Very high quality. Made in Japan! Absolutely fantastic! Highly recommended!

    It does boil water very well, my tea does taste better when using this compared to a normal kettle.

    Very quiet, very easy to use.

    If you are thinking about buying it, just buy it, trust me! It is fantastic! ūüėÄ

  3. Matt (UK) (verified owner)

    This is my first water heater and overall I’m very impressed. Having boiling water available at an instant is very handy, not just for drinks but also for cooking too. The unit always keeps the temperature at 98C and boiling 4 litres of water from cold takes about 20 minutes.
    The unit is actually more attractive than it appears in the pictures, especially once the big sticker has been removed, and it looks great on the kitchen worktop.
    The only reason I’ve knocked a star off is due to the strangely primitive timer functionality. It only allows you to set it from 6 – 10 hrs in one hour increments. For an expensive Japanese product this seems very limited! What I’d like to see is a 24hr clock incorporated into the display and the ability to set the timer for any time you like. That doesn’t seem like a lot to ask in this day and age. Having the ability to set the timer with more precision would also surely yield even greater energy savings so this seems like a bit of a missed opportunity.

  4. D Hughes (UK) (verified owner)

    Often thought about one of these instead of a kettle for the kitchen. Just 3 weeks in to owning this and it is great. Works really well, and if you are boiling the kettle frequently this will be more convenient and maybe even use less electricity.
    Agree the timer is a bit rudimentary. Overall very pleased.

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