Thai Hom Mali Premium Jasmine White Rice – 5kg

The finest Thai Hom Mali jasmine rice. Delicately fragrant and versatile you will taste the difference!


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Thai Hom Mali
Jasmine White Rice

Authentic fine quality jasmine white rice from Roi Et, Thailand


What Is Thai Hom Mali Rice?

“Hom Mali rice” is considered to be the most premium Jasmine rice in the world. It is a long grain variety with a shiny grain and whose white color as pure as that of jasmine flowers. With its natural, pandan-like aroma as well as soft and sticky texture when cooked it is often said that this rice is ‘the secret to authentic Thai cuisine’ and is incredibly versatile in that it can be used in most Asian dishes. Those who have a taste of Thai Hom Mali rice will undoubtedly sense the unbeatable quality of this world-renowned grain that is the winner of the worlds best rice title for 7 years.


What Makes Our Jasmine Rice Special?

Yum Asia has sourced the finest Hom Mali rice by carefully selecting Thai farmers who are geographically located to grow the best quality jasmine variety of grain in Roi Et, Thailand, home of authentic Hom Mali rice. This Thai Hom-Mali rice is annually grown and can be harvested only once a year during the months of October to November. After cultivation every single grain has undergone thorough inspection by rice experts before reaching the our rice mill where it's sorted and quality checked by the strictest standards before being given the Department of Trade in Thailand’s AAA stamp of approval (highest possible grading).


Why Is Hom Mali Named The King Of Jasmine Rice?

Thai Hom Mali rice has never disappointed the world throughout its 50 years of international reputation. Each year, an increasing amount of Hom Mali rice is exported worldwide and restaurants around the world are currently serving delectable menus from this unique rice type. What determines the wonder of Hom Mali is not just its quality, nutritive values and natural fragrance but also it's history and how it's cultivation was researched and developed over 50 years that established the status of Thai Hom Mali rice as an extremely prestigious world renowned agricultural product.


Versatile So Can Be Used In A Variety Of Dishes

Primarily used in Asian dishes but is very versatile as a general white rice long grain for many dishes. More specifically South East Asian dishes such as those from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Chinese. Great for stir fry's, as a complement to curries, sauced meats, tofu dishes and tempers anything with a bit of spice extremely well.

Our Hom Mali rice has been carefully selected to ensure that it produces perfect results in our premium rice cookers but equally can be used in a saucepan (or microwave if required).

Recipe Examples Using Hom Mali Jasmine Rice

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Rice Cooking Instructions

Measure how much rice you want to use

1 cup of rice = 180ml

Rinse the rice in a sieve or similar by running through water

then choose one of these 2 cooking methods

1. Absorption method (Pan)

2. Rice Cooker

1. Absorption method (Pan)

Put 1.5 cups of water for each cup of rice measured and bring to boil in a saucepan
Then add cover, lower the heat and simmer for 18-20 minutes
Remove from the heat, cover and leave to stand for 5 minutes

2. Rice Cooker

Add the required cups of rice to the inner bowl
Add water to the equivalent rice level line. (use 1 rice cup : 1.2 cups of water if no level lines)
Choose WHITE RICE or LONG GRAIN cook function and press ‘START’

White Hom Mali Jasmine Rice In Detail


Non Dairy

Nut Free

Egg Free

Vegan Friendly

Halal Approved

  • AAA (~AAAAA) 100% Pure long grain white jasmine rice
  • Thai Hom Mali variety – considered one of the best in the world
  • More than 7mm in length – 3.42 length to width of whole kernel
  • Slightly sticky texture. Clingy so can stay in mold
  • Subtle seductive Pandan fragrant aroma
  • Silky pure taste
  • Ideal for a variety of east Asian dishes or general use
  • Selected for use in rice cookers and saucepans
  • Generously sized 5kg resealable pillow bag for the average rice eater

Our rice is approved and certified by the Department of Foreign Trade in Thailand before export. This is after a thorough detailed inspection of the rice to ensure that it meets the strictest and highest quality standards to be able to be named AAA Hom Mali.

This rice has been carefully selected to ensure that it produces perfect results in our premium rice cookers but equally can be used in a saucepan (or microwave if required).


Bag Depth (front to back)
Bag Width (side to side)
Bag Height (base to top)
Bag Weight With Contents


Learn about grain types, cooking tips and more



Name Of GrainHom Mali 100%
Grain Colour White
Grain Length >7mm
Grain Length To Width Ratio 3:42
TastePure, Silky
Fragrance Pandan
Texture Slightly sticky, clingy
Used For General dishes. Asian Food
GrownRoi et, Thailand


Calories352kcal or 1472kJ
Fat / Lipids - of which are saturated0.5g (0.2g)
Carbohydrates - Fibres - Sugars79g 0g 0g


148 reviews

148 reviews for Thai Hom Mali Premium Jasmine White Rice – 5kg

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  1. Pedro Ferreira (verified owner)

    Nice Rice I love it!

  2. Harriet (UK) (verified owner)

    Wow, wow, wow. Just WOW! Brilliant rice that is like nothing I’ve had before. So fragrant, so tasty, so perfect. It was a chance buy and turned out to be much better than expected. Without doubt – I’ll be back for more.

  3. Darius (verified owner)

    Next day delivery to me in the UK. Perfect size bag for what we use as a family. We had never tried hom mali but heard great things. Cooked it in our Sakura – it exceeded expectations by a mile. 5 stars

  4. Gareth (Wales) (verified owner)

    Superb flavour and texture. My word this is good. Absolutely amazeballs! crikey! Even my Thai wife was impressed and that’s saying something.

  5. Dave (UK) (verified owner)

    Great rice

    Great tasting rice.

  6. Ollie (verified owner)

    Amazon rice.. The packet is beautiful. The flavour and texture is jaw dropping. This is what authentic Jasmine rice should be. Finally!

  7. Alice J (verified owner)

    My Thai friends always told me that if I want the very best tasting rice I should try Jasmine Hom mali. They were dead right. I can’t get enough of this. The rice leaves you wanting more. Before you know it you have finished a bowl. I could eat it by itself without any accompanying dishes – it’s simply that good. I just ordered 2 more bags and I’m sure I will be back for more. I doubt Jasmine rice can get any better than this.

  8. Trinity (verified owner)

    Beautiful fragrance. I guess it’s why it’s called Jasmine fragrant rice. Reminds me of the better meals I’ve had in Thailand when the rice was superior to anything I had tasted before. At last!

  9. Julie West (UK) (verified owner)

    Makes you very hungry rice

    We call this hungry rice because the smell is so good everyone wants to eat as soon as they smell it. It’s a nice strong Jasmine rice. Well worth the effort. Instant delivery. Would recommend.

  10. Debbie D (verified owner)

    Lovely rice. Quick delivery. Flawless in taste and very smooth grain that really satisfies the taste buds. The packet is nice too. It’s like a decoration in itself.

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