The Mountain
Of Rice Cookers

4 cup capacity UMAI IH rice cooker. Hybrid display and control panel with handmade ceramic bowl

Perfect Rice
Every time

Simple easy cooking of rice and more with advanced fuzzy logic

The Rice

The only UMAI IH rice cooker in the UK and Europe. More than just perfect rice!

Greedy Panda
Cook Book

A cook book for rice cooker enthusiasts lovingly written by rice cooker experts. Over 60 recipes and 100+ pages

Super Kernel Rice

The ultimate extra long grain authentic taste and perfect premium grain

The All Rounder

Tomorrow’s technology today – our multi award winning rice cooker!

Hot Water Dispenser

Why settle for basic? - hot water when you need it

Get the future – instantly!

Plug In Your Lunch

Cook from fresh or reheat, this versatile bento rice cooker comes with everything you need to make quick easy meals

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The Wow Of Yum Asia

We bring tomorrow's technology today to rice cooking and thermalware. Premium rice cookers for the UK, Europe and now in the USA. The rice cooker revolution continues...
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EASY AS 1, 2, 3....

How Simple?

Take the stress out of cooking rice. No more hovering over the stove or having pans or budget rice cookers spit starchy water everywhere.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Our rice cookers don't get so many great reviews by respected publications for no reason. We excel at making products that work time after time.

“We took the best of existing rice cooker technology and improved it for the modern lifestyle”

Donna and Neil

Founders of Yum Asia

Focus On Sakura

Sakura is our all rounder 8 cup capacity multifunction rice cooker suitable for 1 to 8 people. It’s what launched the Yum Asia brand winning multiple awards. Using Advanced Fuzzy Logic technology it creates perfect rice, is versatile with useful add-on functions.

Quality results / affordable price

1-8 Cup capacity (1.5L)


Rice Cooking Functions


6 Multicook functions

Advanced Fuzzy Logic and made for the UK

Award Winner 2019, 2020, 2021

Focus On Panda

Panda is our cutest small 3 cup capacity mini rice cooker. Using Advanced Fuzzy Logic technology it is packed full of useful rice cooking and add-on functions this durable kawaii cooker is a huge hit with all of our customers. It is in no way basic and will reliably produce consistent results time after time.

Quality results / affordable price

1-3 Cup capacity (0.6L)


Rice Cooking Functions


6 Multicook functions

Advanced Fuzzy Logic and made for the UK

Award Winner 2019, 2020, 2021

Simply the best you can get

Premium Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice

Yum Asia has sourced the finest Hom Mali rice by carefully selecting Thai farmers who are geographically located to grow the best quality jasmine variety of grain in Roi Et, Thailand, home of authentic Hom Mali rice.

Not just long but also authentic in taste

Extra Long Grain Super Kernel Basmati Rice

Super Kernel is the ultimate Basmati, nature’s longest Basmati rice. Bred after years of research in the paddy fields of Punjab in the foothills of the Himalayas, this rice is distinguished for its length, exceptional quality, exclusive aroma, and superb taste.

We all need to drink....

Energy Saving Thermalware

Technology for the thirsty
Styled to perfection

Iku Mugs And Kenzai Cups

Multiple designs and colours for everyone's taste. Highest quality materials and great for the environment!
Giving made easy

Yum eGift Cards

There are many ways to give a gift. Our Yum eGift cards make sure that the person you are sending the gift card to will buy a Yum Asia product and not waste it on something less useful!

Don't forget it's only this many days until Christmas so start PANICKING!
We are the rice cooker experts

Our Service Is Premium Too!

Over 25 years experience with rice and rice cooker technology


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