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Grain Storage Container


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Grain Storage Container

Stackable, strong and large capacity to store grains and more


Give Your Grains A Good Home

Do you have all those bags of premium rice , cereals, beans, flours or other grains and want to store them in the best possible way? Of course you do. Then look no further. Our grain storage is the perfect answer.

This white matte ABS PP container is rated food safe with and is accented around the top with an attractive light grey trim.

It has a solid integrated buckle clasp with sturdy hinge. Available in either a 5 litre / 5kg capacity or 10 litre / 10kg capacity the containers are stackable too.


Good For Rice But Can Store More...

We designed this container to primarily store rice grains which requires cool, dark condtions that are free from strong odours and are sealed from the air and insects. However, it is also equally suitable for all grains such as:

  • RICE - white, brown, short ...
  • LENTILS - red, green ...
  • FLOUR - white, brown, bread...
  • BEANS - kidney, pinto, black...
  • CEREAL - cornflakes, maize, oats...
  • ...and much more


The compartment on the lid of the container is designed with the specific purpose of preventing insect entering the container or multiplying within it. Insert star anise, garlic, bay leaves or a combination or all 3 into the compartment and then their odours will act as a natural insect repellent.

Alternatively, or additionally, you can add a desiccant bag here if you have a particularly moist kitchen and need to keep everything inside absolutely dry. Venting holes below the compartment allow the odours (strong to insects but imperceptible to humans) to permeate around the container to help keep your contents insect free.


Ample Capacity

The container is ergonomically shaped to maximise space in your kitchen and can be easily pushed into the tightest corners. If you have multiple containers they are designed to be easily stacked on top of each other. Approximately 5 litres (or 5kg depending on the weight of the grain) or 10 litres (or 10kg depending on the weight of the grain) can be contained inside (depending on the size of container you choose).

Considering the average bag of rice, flour or cereal is between 2 and 5kg, this container is the ideal size for most people's needs. Being able store more means you don't have to repeat buy and fill up as regularly saving you time and making life easier.


Easy Access / Sealed For Freshness

The container is double sealed (inner wall and outer wall) all around the lid which is why we call this 360 degree surround sealing.

The soft opening hinge mechanism uses an embedded buckle clasp mechanism and gives a full 90 degree range of lid opening.

The lid has also been life tested for over 20,000 open and close movements so you can be rest assured that it won't easily break.


Includes 180ml Rice Measuring Cup

Yes! you read correctly, we include a very handy 180ml rice measuring cup with every container as standard!

After all, what is the use in a perfect storage container without a perfect way to get out whats inside of it.

The correct way to measure rice

Please note that as with all rice measuring cups the traditional way to get the full 180ml measurement is to fill to the brim of the cup.

Buy More And Save

These storage containers are stackable.

Save money the more containers you buy

This grain storage container is ideal for keeping rice, quinoa, buckwheat, barley, cerals, flour and other grains perfectly preserved as they should be.

We chose the best container for this exact purpose and tried / tested it ourselves over several months through our tough 'real use' trials to make sure that it was up to the standard our customers expect.

The result - this grain storage container beat our expectations in all regards so much so that we are sure you will want more than one in your kitchen.

  • 5 or 10 LITRE CAPACITY - choose your size. Both are ideal for regular grain consumption
  • MULTIPLE USAGE - store rice, quinoa, buckwheat, barley, cereals, flour and other grains perfectly preserved
  • SAFE NON TOXIC MATERIALS - ABS and PP. Long lasting
  • INSECT RESIST - special lid compartment to keep the bugs away (fill with star anise / bay leaf / garlic)
  • DOUBLE SEALED - walls and lid with silicone gasket to slow expiration of contents
  • RICE MEASURING CUP - we give you a 180ml graduated cup for free to help serve precise portions of rice and more
  • STACKABLE SHAPE - ergonomic white design with grey trim. Easy to store in cupboards or put on display


27 reviews

27 reviews for Grain Storage Container

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  1. Gale (verified owner)

    La qualité du matériel est correcte

  2. Tyrone James (verified owner)

    such a beautiful product like this

  3. Alex1 (verified owner)

    Small but good quality, I will buy it again

  4. Amie (verified owner)

    J’en achète un pour voir la qualité de ce conteneur et je suis étonné car c’est un joli produit qui permet d’économiser beaucoup d’espace

  5. Jaimer Wthar (verified owner)

    dit is de container die ik in huis wil hebben, hij is klein en klein, maar van hoge kwaliteit

  6. Zane L. (verified owner)

    It’s very easy to use and clean.

  7. Raine (verified owner)

    dit is de eerste keer dat ik bestel en ik ben dol op deze goede kwaliteit

  8. Jen Cee (verified owner)

    Devo dire che questo contenitore è di buona qualità, pollice in alto

  9. alisonmhay (verified owner)

    For a small item this is very useful for my kitchen.

  10. Levi_12 (verified owner)

    Great product!. Got the item really fast did not wait for long time. I would buy this again!

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