Bamboo UMAI Induction Heating IH Ceramic Rice Cooker

The power of UMAI Induction Heating (IH) technology to cook rice and more in an incredibly stylish body.

🗲– supplied with detachable UK 3 pin plug and power cord


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Rice Cooker Size Guide

Think about how many people you will be cooking for and work from there.... 1ml = 1g
Capacity Uncooked White Rice Cooked White Rice Uncooked Brown Rice Cooked Brown Rice Multicook Number Of People
1 cup 180ml ~360ml ~90ml ~270ml - 1
2.5 cup 450ml ~1350ml ~270ml ~810ml ~900ml 1-2
3.5 cup 630ml ~1890ml ~360ml ~1260ml ~1300ml 1-3
4 cup 720ml ~2160ml ~720ml ~1440ml ~1400ml 1-4
5.5 cup 1000ml ~3000ml ~720ml ~2000ml ~2100ml 1-5
8 cup 1500ml ~4500ml ~1000ml ~3000ml ~3300ml 1-8
10 cup 1800ml ~5400ml ~1500ml ~3600ml - 1-10

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Multi award winning, this rice cooker oozes slickness features and functionality

Bamboo UMAI IH Rice Cooker Trio vertical

The Master Of Rice Cookers

Bamboo was a first for the UK and Europe when we introduced them to our UMAI induction heating (IH) technology. Bamboo uses some of the most advanced IH you can get in a rice cooker and (UMAI) AI smart brain technology does all the complex calculations used to cook perfect rice. Along with Fuji (the young brother of Bamboo) these premium rice cookers are for enthusiasts that want to cook rice like a master.

Multi Award Winning

BBC GOOD FOOD - 'Best all rounder and Star Buy' (February, 2019)
IDEAL HOME magazine - 'Best IH Rice Cooker (March 2019)
THE TELEGRAPH - 'Favourite' (April, 2020)
EXPERT REVIEWS - 'Best multifunction rice cooker' (August, 2023) and 'Home product of the year' (November, 2023)
T3 magazine - 'Best rice cooker' (2019)
DAILY MAIL - 'Best rice cooker overall' (March, 2024)
GOOD HOUSKEEPING - 'Best investment rice cooker'


The First UMAI IH Rice Cooker For The UK And EU

The UMAI (AI smart brain) means that your rice is not just cooked well but is cooked exactly as it should be depending on the type of grain selected. By combining UMAI with our 3mm ceramic coated Joubu bowl and the induction heating method we can achieve unique cooking functions such as Yumami (white rice that has more taste) and GABA brown rice (where it is pre-germinated to be extra nutritious). Learn more about these two functions by clicking here. Experience the difference with IH technology which ensures that every single grain is cooked to perfection.


Yummy Rice With Signature Styling And Functions

The appearance of Bamboo will proudly sit on any kitchen worktop. Even the included healthy Joubu ceramic coated bowl is a delight to look at with it’s easy to read silk printed rice measurement lines and stay cool handles for ease of lifting. The signature diamond pattern on the lid strikes the right balance of attraction versus form. Add the 7 rice cooking functions and 4 carefully selected add-on functions and you get the perfect combination of function too. With it's 24 hours automatic keep warm you can keep rice at an ideal serving temperature. There is a countdown indicator during the cooking cycle and when the rice is cooked a beep sounds and the cooker automatically shifts to keep warm mode. For added convenience, there is a pre-set time function which can be set up to 24 hours in advance, so you can have delicious rice ready when you need it.


Multi Award Winning Blockbuster Of A Cooker

Bamboo comes in a selection of 3 magnificent colours which are enriched with quality components and features. It can masterfully handle any rice you put into it and can be done time after time. Put your rice in the bowl, add the water to the level line, select your rice choice and press start – it’s as simple as that. Bamboo can do it all and more than just white and brown rice. It can cook short grain (sushi), steam, porridge, slow cook, Tahdig (crust) and cake. Taste rice like never before with an IH cooker by Yum Asia and you will never go back to standard rice cooking.

Explore Bamboo Further

Yum Asia Bamboo UMAI IH rice cooker lid open right side (metallic silver)


With drop through holes made from HQ thermopolymer plastic


Riveted for extra strength stay cool moulded thermolymer plastic


Accurate last 10 minute cooking countdown for rice cook functions


Detachable inner lid with dimpled condensate collection


3mm thick coating with specially printed rice level lines for easy reading


Styled for sophistication. Bamboo stands out for all the right reasons with a modern brushed metal effect


Allows excess steam to escape to prevent over soaking of contents


Our patterned lid gives Bamboo an elevation in it’s statement of design. Sophisticated and elegant


Smart brain induction heating (IH) produces more evenly cooked rice


For good hygiene. Complemented with bright ice white LED display


Durable dual hinge system. Tried and tested for long life


Can accept both EU and UK power cords easily and safely


Large reservoir to collect excess condensate during cooking
Pre heat icon


Bamboo starts to gently heat the rice and water using the Joubu bowl to between 50-60°C. This begins the cooking cycle and is key to the release of sugars into the water from the rice grains.

agitate icon


The Joubu bowl temperature is rapidly increased by the IH whilst the UMAI system makes micro adjustments to obtain a range of between 50-70°C. The rice then is agitated by the IH coils and the grains begin water absorption according to the function chosen.

Heating icon


The temperature is increased again to between 75-85°C to start the actual cooking process. This varies depending on the function chosen.

Boiling icon


The UMAI controller then rapidly increases the temperature to minimum of 100˚C boiling point to evaporate the majority of the water from the inner bowl and to further cook the rice to soften and optimise texture.

Steam icon

STEAM PHASE – sugar reabsorption

Deep steaming then enables the rice to continue cooking while reabsorbing the sugars from the remaining water back into the rice whilst simultaneously evaporating the remaining water. This part of the cycle makes the rice taste sweeter, more nutritious, have better aroma/texture and completes the final rice grain cooking.

Cool down icon


Water balancing then occurs using low temperature range cycling to ensure there is no remaining water left and that the rice has the correct moisture content.



Depending on the what is being cooked the UMAI system may determine that an additional burst of rapid heating is applied. This prevents over saturation of rice and pulls more nutrients into the rice grains.

Keep warm icon2


The temperature is then held at an optimal 70-76°C to continue to steam the rice and keep the rice safe from bacteria. This ensures the rice is perfectly cooked, fluffy and delicious and ready for when you need it.

IH Controlled Cooking

Bamboo uses a combination of UMAI Induction Heating (IH) cooking and advanced fuzzy logic (AI) to ensure rice is cooked perfectly every time. This cooking profile graph shows how UMAI with fuzzy logic adjusts the temperature of the Joubu bowl rather than using the less accurate conventional heating method. The process then calculates weight, content type, water volume, internal temperatures along with pre-programmed conditions to cook perfect rice time after time.
Bamboo uses at least multiple phases of cooking types which includes preheat, absorb water, heating, boiling, steam, cool down, agitation, heat burst and keep warm with steam which are each calculated for time and temperature using Yum Asia's unique cooking profiles.

The Power Of



Watch Our Explainer

Our explainer video shows what makes the Bamboo UMAI induction heating system uniquely powerful to cook all types of rice whilst being delicate enough to preserve flavour, aroma and texture.

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Play Video about Bamboo The Master Of Rice Cookers
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Bamboo UMAI IH Rice Cooker Description Icons

  • 8 cup / 1.5 litre capacity of uncooked rice – enough for 1-8 people
  • ‘UMAI’ (AI Smart Brain) Induction Heating (IH) technology
  • White/long grain, short grain (for sushi) and brown rice settings
  • ‘Yumami’ (umami extra taste) and GABA brown settings
  • ‘Quick’ cook setting for faster white rice cooking
  • Useful multi-cooker features – steam, porridge, slow cook, cake baking and crust (tahdig) settings
  • High quality 5 layer 3mm thick ‘Joubu’ ceramic coated inner bowl with easy lift handles
  • 24 hours keep warm function and 24 hours timer feature
  • 10 minute rice function countdown timer
  • State of the art Korean designed ‘Motouch’ control panel
  • Clear and bright LED display
  • Stylish Champagne Rose, Silver metallic or Anthracite black effect finish exterior with black accented diamond pattern lid
  • 3D heating technology
  • Power Off/On function
  • Detachable stainless steel inner lid, outer steam cap and condensation collector for easy cleaning
  • Steam basket, measuring cup, spatula and soup ladle included
  • 220-240V, 50Hz. Factory made for UK power. Detachable 3 pin plug and cable


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Package Depth (front to back)
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Yes. There isn’t any problem cooking one or two cups of rice in a bigger capacity rice cooker, we made sure that Bamboo can do this successfully – one cup of rice comes out as perfectly as when you cook the full 8 cup capacity of rice.

Bamboo has two different types of capacity. It is a 1.5 litre, 8 cup rice cooker or 3.3 litre multicooker.

Let’s take the first two capacities – 1.5 litres or 8 cup. Rice cooker capacities are always referred to in litres or cups. Bamboo is a 1.5 litres capacity rice cooker and it can therefore cook 8 cups of uncooked white rice or 6 cups of uncooked brown rice – each cup is 180ml/g. So, if you want to cook 1 cup of white rice, that would be 180g or if you want to cook the full capacity of 8 cups, that would be 1.5kg of uncooked rice.

The third capacity of 3.3 litres refers to Bamboo’s multi-cooking capacity. This means that the inner bowl can hold a maximum of 3.3 litres of liquid.

You can learn more about the capacity of our rice cookers in the following pages:

UK Capacity Guide

In our years of selling Zojirushi rice cookers, we realised that all of rice cookers on the market in the UK, Europe or the USA only had teflon/similar non-stick material inner bowls.

Based on many customer queries and opinions, we took the decision to supply an inner bowl with a premium and durable 3mm thick ceramic coating.We call this type of bowl – Joubu.

The Joubu bowl is BPA-free and PTFE-free and is hard wearing. The inner bowl also has a special honeycomb structure to help the heat disperse evenly across the bowl’s surface. 

The level lines of the bowl are silk printed rather than stamped so they can be hard wearing but also easily read in low light conditions. The inner bowl also has easy lift handles.

Induction Heating (IH) rice cookers cook differently to conventional rice cookers. The magnetic coils apply heat to the contents of the inner bowls and agitates the contents differently to conventional by use of eddy currents and instant heat application. 

Therefore there may be some small adjustments required to how you have previously cooked your rice in your old conventional type of rice cooker. 

Here are some tips for the most common issues:

Rice is too soggy/wet – add less water to your rice

Rice is overcooked/dry – add a little extra water to your rice

Once you have the volumes perfected for the rice you are cooking – we promise you it will be worth it and you will be cooking perfect rice in no time – time after time.

IH rice cookers are also more energy efficient than most conventional rice cookers. Although they are higher power (wattage), they apply heat directly to the bowl and contents. The heat is instant and more directed so there is less energy wasted. See more information on our energy guidance pages related to this.

For customers in the UK see

Yes! To turn Bamboo OFF simply long hold the CANCEL button when a menu function is not selected.

To turn Bamboo back ON simply press the CANCEL button again.

The heating method known as Induction Heating (IH) is produced when a magnetic material is placed in a magnetic field. For example, coils within the bottom of the rice cooker create the magnetic field. When the inner bowl is placed into the rice cooker and the unit is activated, a magnetic field is generated to create instant heat. Through this technology, the inner cooking pan itself rather than the heating element becomes the heat source utilizing both high heat and fine heat adjustments to control the cooking process.

Induction Heating rice cookers cook the rice more evenly and faster than a rice cooker that only has fuzzy logic. This results in a better texture and more flavourful rice.

Bamboo also has a UMAI Fuzzy Logic processor which is the ‘brain’ – it helps the rice cooker to automatically make adjustments in temperature and cooking time depending upon the programme entered by the user.

This ‘brain’ makes the cooking of rice foolproof – instead of the cooker simply switching on and off reacting to temperature, the rice cooker now makes small adjustments in temperature and cooking time according to what the thermal sensor senses. This fuzzy logic computer chip means you can also have different programmes for the rice cooker which include cooking white, long grain, short grain, brown rice, Yumami, GABA and porridge (both rice and oat varieties of porridge).

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474 reviews

474 reviews for Bamboo UMAI Induction Heating IH Ceramic Rice Cooker

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  1. Jordan (UK) (verified owner)

    I’m shocked the previous reviewer doesn’t like the buttons or interface. I originally bought a YSQ10 (see my review on there) and it was so old fashioned, the buttons were horrible and puffy. In contrast, Bamboo is very modern, no buttons you just press or press and hold on the writing and it’s easy to use. Anyway, Bamboo is so modern looking, brilliant build and gorgeous colour. The rice is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it!

    The appearance is very high end and definitely would fit into most modern kitchens. The induction coil (?) really is futuristic and you barely notice it’s cooking with the body of the cooker not even getting warm. The slow cooker feature is better than my glass lid slow cooker and I now have steel cut oat porridge ready for tomorrow morning (good hangover food). 🙂

  2. Eric. A (UK) (verified owner)

    I eat rice pretty much every day and was recently told by a friend about these types of premium rice cookers. I had always cooked my rice in a glass lid tefal rice cooker but found it to be poor at doing it’s job. So I went all in and purchased this rice cooker because my friend said that IH are the best. Opening the box I spied a glimpse of the future. Bamboo on my kitchen worktop it looked like ‘Gort’ from the old robot movie ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’. On plugging in the display came alive with a white pink glow. Selecting the menu options is easy using the touch buttons. Walk away, come back when it beeps and your contents are cooked to perfection. In this case, bulbous, moist but not overly so, distinct grains yet slightly sticky and more flavourful than any rice I’ve tasted before from my home kitchen attempts. I don’t usually write reviews, this is my first ever in fact. If you are looking for the ultimate rice cooker then hands down this must be it

  3. Jules (UK) (verified owner)

    Great purchase, really fast delivery and the rice cooker is AMAZING! This is by far the best rice I have ever tasted, it is soooo tasty that you can just eat it with a bit of soy sauce. I’ve become a bit of a rice addict since owning this.

  4. Dunc (Scotland) (verified owner)

    My wife bought this for my birthday present because I’ve always wanted a rice cooker . The induction is really good -even cooking of the rice and tastes delicious. Easy to use , easy to clean , looks great . Best birthday present ever !!

  5. Luis (Spain) (verified owner)

    Happy with this. Tasty rice, very thick bowl and looks good. Fast delivery and good customer support when I had question.

  6. Lin (UK) (verified owner)

    By far the best rice cooker I have ever used – and I’ve used quite a few due to us eating rice from a very early age. The yumami rice is unbelievably different tasting, whatever this cycle does, it’s the business – so nice. The brown and GABA are perfect. The only rice setting I haven’t tried yet is the short grain, but I’m positive it will be as good as the others. I did hesitate to buy this, but I’m very happy I did. It looks very nice, it’s more of an oyster type colour than fullon pink, it’s so different looking in design and completes my kitchen. Steaming basket is useful and I’m looking forward to trying the cake recipes. Don’t hesitate, buy this rice cooker, it’s well worth the money.

  7. Riko (UK) (verified owner)

    Growing up in Japan Zojirushi was the rice cooker brand to have. I have a Zojirushi bought from Yum Asia years ago and I just upgraded to the IH Bamboo. The rice in the Bamboo IH is a cut above the Zojirushi, something I never would have expected. The IH makes a large difference to the cooked rice and makes it much tastier and altogether a better texture. It is very easy to use and the inner bowl is so much thicker than a standard rice cooker. Great rice cooker and I am very happy.

  8. Daisy (UK) (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the purchase. Fast delivery and it’s a high quality machine. Rice is cooked to perfection and the bowl is thick and heavy, pleased I bought this rice cooker – it’s so easy to use and friends and family have been impressed with the results.

  9. Kim (UK) (verified owner)

    A part of me thought I must be crackers to pay so much for a rice cooker when I can already make excellent rice of all types on the hob… But it is sorta like a dishwasher in that yes I can wash dishes well, but the dishwasher cleans them much better than I can at the press of a button… I have used my new Yum Asia rice cooker twice now and simply cannot believe it… I have had a cheap rice cooker from the Chinese shop in the past, but this rice cooker is an Aston Martin, l am still trying to figure out how a machine can make such incredible rice at the push of a button – it is magic and I would not hesitate to buy one again but obviously will probably never need to… thanks Yum Asia for a perfect, brilliant rice cooker…

  10. Luke (UK) (verified owner)

    I had an old ZAQ10 that had lasted but needed an update. I had considered going for another Zojirushi but then noticed the Bamboo with Induction IH which is something I always wanted because it cooks rice better than just fuzzy logic. IH models were not available or too expensive, but Yum Asia has made this rice cooker technology accessible at a very competitive price. The rice produced is outstanding, all of the reviews you read about IH making the rice taste better with a good texture are completely correct. I am very happy with my purchase, considering that a Zojirushi with less features is around double the price of the Bamboo. This exceeds my expectations in every way!

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