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What makes us tick, how we started and how we arrived at where we are today.

About Yum Asia


For many years, we, the owners of Yum Asia had been in love with Asian food but found that the biggest problem was that we couldn’t replicate the perfect rice which you can readily get in Asia and good restaurants.

No matter how hard we tried, rice cooked in a saucepan just wasn’t the same! After some really disastrous purchases of non-fuzzy logic rice cookers, which rather than cooking the perfect rice we were looking for, just spat out starchy water all over our kitchen worktop, we bought a Zojirushi fuzzy logic rice cooker and it changed the way we cook completely. This is how Yum Asia began.

In the early 2000s we dreamed up the idea of introducing Zojirushi premium rice cooker technologies to the UK, Europe and where ever there was an unmet need of good rice cookers with a plentiful supply of rice lovers. We then soon realised that it wasn’t just us that had been tired of poor quality rice cookers that broke after a few uses or were too basic to meet our perfect rice cooking demands. We scaled up our operations from the UK to the whole of Europe shipping hundreds of rice cookers at a rate we sometimes struggled to keep up. 10 years later our sales were doing great but having worked with Zojirushi for so long we began to see where we could improve and build on their solid foundation. We noticed that certain functions, features, styling and price points were missing from the Zojirushi range which is why we decided to start researching and developing our own rice cookers.

After several years of trial and error we then launched our first model, Sakura, in 2016 followed by the first UMAI IH for the UK/EU markets ‘Bamboo’ in the summer of 2018. A few months later we identified the market for a mini rice cooker and so Panda was born in the autumn of 2018. Kumo our low carb rice cooker launched early 2020 for the more health conscious. . We continued in 2020 to launch Fuji (a smaller capacity IH model) and Bonsai, a portable one person bento rice cooker. Then in 2022 onwards we continue to expand our products and spread our expertise.

Our aim is always to keep our range small but powerful, to constantly develop and improve the existing models by listening to our customers and adjusting accordingly. We will never just sit on the designs we have. Instead we will innovate, lead and continue to provide the best rice cookers with the best pre and post sales service for all of our customers who want to join the Yum Asia rice cooker revolution.


We Ignited A Rice Cooker Revolution

We made the choice for customers simple by showing how rice should be cooked. We demonstrated how if you buy a rice cooker with the very best technology and materials then you get a machine that makes perfect rice time after time with technology for the modern age.

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A revolution or an awakening?

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The revolution continues


Our Vital Statistics


Now internationally acclaimed our metrics show that we care about our customers, we are passionate about our products and continue to expand our global awareness. This is simply because we do things better.

The Yum Asia Code

Yum Asia was established in 2006 and has since maintained high service standards, outstanding products and established the following code of practice.


Friendly, Innovative and Professional Service

What ever you want to ask, don’t be shy, ask away! We don’t mind – we are happy to help. We aim to answer all e-mail enquiries speedily with as much information that you will need to make your decision. We give a personal touch to our service and offer full pre and post sales support. We love all things rice and rice cookers. If we don’t know something about rice cookers then we doubt anyone else does. We live and breathe the products we sell and are forever adapting/designing our technologies to our customers requirements. So ask away – we are here for you.

We Sell Only The Highest Quality Rice Cookers

Yum Asia has built a solid reputation for excellent products and customer service since we started trading in 2006. We were the first to introduce Zojirushi to the UK/EU markets and rapidly became the ‘go-to’ store for premium rice cookers and the knowledge that goes with using them. We became synonymous with high quality, stylish design and cutting edge technology. We sell competitively priced premium rice cookers and offer a comprehensive 2 year guarantee on all Yum Asia brand products to show our belief in our build quality.

Value For Money

We fight hard to keep our purchasing costs low and yet still choose the best materials so that you can experience the best, durable and latest technology that can be put onto a modern day rice cooker. They are the gold standard of rice cookers and are manufactured to high quality standards, functionality and longevity which other cheaper brands cannot compete. If you love rice then a good quality rice cooker is an excellent investment.

Award Winning - Well Reviewed Products

If you don’t believe us then do a quick internet search and you can see how highly acclaimed Yum Asia products are. More importantly we have a solid 5 star reputation with our customers. We don’t get this type of praise without good reason – we only boast about this because of the pride we have in our products and service. Don’t just take our word for it – check out Amazon, Ebay, Trustpilot, BBC Good Food, Ideal Home, T3, Expert Reviews and many more. Our 5 star reviews and Editors Choice awards are on them all.

No-Nonsense Selling!

We don’t hide our costs. We make sure our products features are clearly listed and not ambiguous. We have a clear-cut sales service. We are here for you almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to help with any issues you have. Yes, it’s sadly true, we rarely have holidays. We don’t hide anything in small print (we use clear size 14 font!). We do all of this because we hate nonsense and ambiguity associated with some web sellers.

We Are Here To Stay

There is nothing worse than buying a product (especially one that is not cheap) and being abandoned in after sales parts, advice, support or help. Thankfully we have been around for long enough for you to know that we are not going anywhere. We offer a full spare parts service, are growing globally and believe in doing the right thing by our customers.

The Yum Asia Strategy

Where we lead, others follow.
We turned the rice cooker world upside down and pushed rice cooking technology forward for the modern lifestyle.

About Yum Asia

About Yum Asia

About Yum Asia

About Yum Asia

We Do It Better

Quality control above standard requirements and gold standard pre and post sales service.

About Yum Asia

About Yum Asia


''We combine durable cooking with modern technology'' - Our Founders

Making products that work is easy. Making products that work best in their category is an achievement. Making products that stand out by a mile is something have achieved and will never settles for less.

Donna and Neil
Founders of Yum Asia


At Your Service

We don't abandon our customers after purchase. We care, we listen, we help and we persevere to make sure you remain happy with your purchase.


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