The Greedy Panda Cook Book (eBook version)

A cook book for rice enthusiasts lovingly written by rice cooker experts.


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Greedy Panda Cook Book

Lovingly written by rice cooker experts for rice cooker enthusiasts

This Book Is Only Available In English Language


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This eBook version of our Greedy Panda cook book is instantly downloadable from our website after purchase. The product downloads as a PDF to your device which an be read on many readers including:

Kindle Fire Tablets, Free Kindle Reading Apps, Android phones/tablets, iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC and more

Size of the cookbook is around 20MB and is optimised for high resolution display on your devices and quick loading.


Recipes That Make You Want To Get Cooking

Over 135 recipes spread over 155 pages that will make your mouth water. We add handy tips, cooking guidance, step by step ingredients and how to make sections. The recipes span across four meal types – Vegetarian, Meat, Fish and Desserts for easy sorting and include something for everyone. Feel like a curry with your rice? We show you how to make from raw ingredients, massaman or green curry, korma or rogan josh. Feeling like veg? We have delightful dals, frittata, simple egg fried rice, Mexican rice, soups and more. For the meat lovers we have everything from a heart warming chilli con carne to spicy satay or even a hearty Hungarian goulash. We have sushi explained, teryaki before moving onto desserts such as yummy rice pudding, porridges, cakes, brownies and more all made in a rice cooker!


Grain Guide, Tips, Facts And Much More...

The Greedy Panda cook book doesn’t just stop at recipes. We include a rice grain guide to explore all those rice types which you weren’t sure about and how they should be cooked in a rice cooker. We give a guide to rice cooker functions and how they should be used and useful facts, tips, tricks, slow cook, steaming guides and troubleshooting along the way as we help you get the best from your rice cooker.


Written By Rice Cooker Experts For Rice Cooker Enthusiasts

The most experienced of us here at Yum Asia have written this book over many months to get it just right so that the recipes and cooking advice given work perfectly and without much effort. We use simple ingredients that are easily obtained and show you step by step how to best use them for the recipes included.

Perfect For Your Bookshelf

The Vital Statistics

Here is the book at a glance. You can see what recipes are in the book, how it's structured and why it should be part of your bookshelf.


Tasty Recipes

No repetition. No weirdness. Just good solid favourites



Including Veg, Fish, Meat, Desserts and useful knowledge sections


Full Colour Pages

We don't just fill our pages with large photos - we fill it with quality


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Watch Our Explainer

This cook book shows our love for all things rice and how rice cookers can be so versatile in the kitchen. It contains what we consider to be our core invaluable recipes and skills to get the most out of your rice cooker.

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It is only available in English language. Our Greedy Panda food blog can be translated using online translation tools

Many recipes are done entirely in a rice cooker however, some require the additional use of a pan. The recipes which require this are clearly labelled. Whilst rice cookers are very good at a bunch of cooking types there are certain stages of cooking where you simply cannot replace a stove with a pan (such as searing meat and roasting vegetables etc).

After pirchase the ebook will be available in your account section of our website (please make sure to create an account when ordering this book type).

Click on the ‘WHAT’S IN THE BOOK’ tab below to get a concise list of what you will be getting in the book.

We give a lot of background information to using rice cookers along with tips, tricks and invaluable guides to rice and how to cook it. Don’t worry! We aren’t going to give you pages and pages of boring text on why we love rice and rice cookers. We give you information you will need and not an epic saga.

Please take our recipes as a guide and not as a hard rule on how you should cook something. Feel free to experiment with quantities and ingredients. Remove things you don’t like. Add things you do. Too many people think that a recipe has to be followed word for word – it doesn’t!

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You love rice and need some inspiration to get cooking? This cook book covers the most popular rice dishes using a variety of grains and techniques along with some extra treats. When cooked correctly, rice on it’s own can be delicious. Add good rice to your favourite main meal and it instantly becomes more interesting.

This book is about making great, simple and tasty food with the help from a rice cooker but the recipes can be made using normal everyday tools in a kitchen such as pots and pans. We would, however, advise that to get the best from your rice and the recipes in this book, having a good rice cooker would be helpful. Note that some recipes included are dishes that complement perfectly cooked rice but are not necessarily cooked in a rice cooker, some are dishes that are made in a rice cooker and some are made in a rice cooker and a normal stove. Remember that whilst rice cookers are good at cooking rice they can’t always do two things at once!

We take you on a journey through a world of flavours from Indian dals to spicy, sweet and savoury Thai dishes to Chinese favourites and the sushi shores of Japan. We explore Mexican and Brazilian dishes, some European favourites, Middle Eastern delights and everything in between. Along the way we give guidance, tips, tricks and information on how to pair dishes with rice, how to elevate rice to a higher level and explain how rice should be eaten!

We include recipes for interesting desserts you can make in a rice cooker, yes desserts! Whilst rice cookers are very good at cooking rice (surprise!) the way that they operate means that they are also good at cooking specific key dishes that are more than just rice. We show how these can give variety to your cookery skills. Finally, we give interesting facts about rice, rice cookers, grain guides and other useful information to help you on your journey to a healthier way to eat!

*Please see our eBook terms and conditions for your rights when ordering digital media and our copyright protection watermarking.

Are you ready to be part of our rice cooker revolution?

  •  eBook will be available to download from your account area after purchase

  • Only available in English language

  • Over 135 recipes

  • Detailed across 4 food types

  • Over 155 pages

  • More than just a recipe book – every rice cooker enthusiast should have this


16 reviews

16 reviews for The Greedy Panda Cook Book (eBook version)

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  1. Derek H

    Surpisingly good. Got the download straight to my Samsung tablet withing seconds. Good quality photos of the recipes. I’ve tried the frittata, the egg fried rice and the lemon chicken and all were a delight. Honestly, it’s a bargain for this price. I would have paid a lot more and thinking to get the paperback for my collection.

  2. G SIMMS

    Oh wow, so much more than rice recipies.

    The book starts by saying that it’s made with love – I can tell! Also, whilst aimed at rice cookers, a saucepan will do the job.

    I am a novice cook, I love my Yum Asia Fuji rice cooker and wanted to use it more expansively. This book is lovely to look at (i have the pdf version but will move to hard copy next time I order from YA) – even at my level of (in)competence I can follow the clear instructions, and see what the finished meal should look like!

    There is so much more than rice – I’m loving the “how to make your own spice/ flavouring instead of using shop bought mixes” bit, and the full meals using the slow cooker functions.

    recipes are graded from simple to hard – but I am confident that I will be able to follow even the “hard” ones. Feel an urge to buy a wok now, to make it completely authentic

  3. reni

    J’essaie quelques recettes dans ce livre de cuisine et mon mari apprécie ma cuisine.

  4. ben L M

    recipes are amazin.

  5. ashly

    I love asian food and this book is perfect!

  6. luke01

    Reslly good book with helpful advice and nice photos. I like my vegetables and there were plenty to keep me happy

  7. stefan

    dit boek is wat ik zocht om te koken voor een eenvoudig en gemakkelijk recept om te koken

  8. zoe

    incroyable et délicieux

  9. christine

    beste kookboek

  10. jeremiah

    cooked the thai curry and it was incredible

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