Why Choose Our Award Winning Products?

The Yum Asia brand of products was launched with our Sakura model in 2016. Since then our products rapidly gained high praise from many gadget, technology, newspapers, magazine and acclaimed independent review bodies. Our products are backed up by an equally well reviewed pre and post sales service that gives unparalleled support to our customers. You can feel safe in the knowledge that we use the best materials, construction and design processes to produce products that work exactly as intended and stand the test of time. Our aim being to provide competitively priced premium award winning rice cookers with features not commonly found on other cookers such as, YumCarb, Yumami, GABA, modern displays and healthy ceramic coated and pure ceramic inner bowls.

Yum Asia Premium Rice Cookers

Yum Asia branded rice cookers are by far our best sellers!

 How did we achieve this?

We knew that the Zojirushi brand was synonymous with high quality, stylish design and cutting edge technology. They had been viewed as the 'Rolls Royce' of rice cookers and water heaters and Bento/Tuff thermal products for many years. After we introduced Zojirushi rice cookers to the UK and European markets over 12 years ago we decided to put all of our knowledge into designing and developing our own branded rice cooker. We took the best parts of Zojirushi then added the features and functions that we thought were missing and then worked hard, testing and developing the Yum Asia rice cooker range.

Reheat Or Cook From Fresh

Warm up meals, cook rice from raw, cook meat. sauces, veg and more

1 Person Capacity

Why make too much when you can make just enough?

Modern, Stylish Unique Design

Discrete, easy to carry, micro footprint and easy cleaning

Fully Equipped Cooking

Stainless steel trays, cutlery set and powerful heating system

Discrete Functionality

Packed full of features with a minimalist full logic control panel

1-2 Person Capacity

The perfect rice cooker for up to two regular rice eaters

Modern, Stylish Unique Design

Discrete, easy to carry, micro footprint and easy cleaning

Healthy Cooking For the Modern Lifestyle

Handmade ceramic bowl, stainless steel inner lid, GABA and Yumami cook functions


 YumCarb Rice Cooker

YumCarb Makes Rice Cooking Healthier

Kumo reduces carbohydrates in brown and white rice by up to 25%

1-5 Person Capacity

Perfect for singles, couples or families

Our Lowest Price Full Rice Cooker

No short cuts taken. Value combined with quality.

Strong Industrial Grade Exterior

Available in dark or light stainless steel colours

Small Footprint

Takes up less space on your worktop

1-3 Person Capacity

Good for singles, couples or small kitchens

Our Best Selling Mini Rice Cooker

Great price, good features, fantastic build quality

The Cutest Of Them All

Just look at how beautiful it is!

Our Best Selling Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker

Several useful multi-function add-ons

1-8 Person Capacity

Perfect for average sized families and people who just love great tasting rice

Suitable For Most Budgets

Good size to price ration with no short cuts taken

Multi Award Winning

Multiple award winner from BBC Good Food, Ideal Home, T3, Esquire and many others...

A First For The UK And Europe

The first UMAI IH rice cooker made for the UK and Europe

1-8 Person Capacity

Perfect for the rice enthusiast to get the very best results!

Our Most Premium Full Cooker

Packed with unique features yet affordable technology

Multi Award Winning

Voted best IH rice cooker by BBC Good Food, T3, Ideal Home and many more publications

A First For The UK And Europe

UMAI IH technology - pioneering in the UK and Europe

1-4 Person Capacity

Extremely adaptable size for small or big rice eaters

Arguably Our Best Looking Minimalist Rice Cooker

Packed with features and latest hidden control panel design

Healthy Cooking For the Modern Lifestyle

Handmade ceramic bowl, stainless steel inner lid, GABA and Yumami cook functions


 Inspirations From Every Day Life

This is Zojirushi’s marketing phrase, without doubt their designs and high quality products inspire cooks everywhere to innovate! It certainly inspired us as a company and has pushed us to make innovations in our rice cooking technology!

Zojirushi rice cookers are manufactured to the highest quality, using the highest quality components and real thought has gone into the functions on each rice cooker. Each rice cooker has slightly different functions, as Zojirushi has recognised that people want different things in their rice cooker models. However, this splitting of functions across different models, or the basic nature of some of the functions, frustrated a lot of our customers and in part, this is why we developed the Yum Asia trio of rice cookers as a lot of customers want several useful features combined into one beautiful package.

Panda, Sakura, Bamboo rice cookers and Zojirushi products are easy to use and make cooking nutritious, balanced meals so easy! The unique way these premium rice cookers cook means that rice is perfect every time and the texture of the cooked rice is amazing! We have tried many other rice cooker brands and none of them have come close to the quality of the rice cookers we sell.

All of the rice cookers we sell are clever enough to cook rice on a timer setting so all you need to do after a busy day at work is prepare the rest of the meal. On a cold winter’s morning you can have piping hot, yummy porridge waiting for you with boiling hot water ready to make your morning cuppa! Once you have used a premium rice cooker or water heater, you will never go back to a saucepan, basic rice cooker or kettle.

So, what are you waiting for? We stock the latest micom fuzzy logic models available for UK and European power and the only Induction Heating rice cooker made for the UK and Europe.

‘Zo’ in Japanese means elephant and the name was chosen to symoblise intelligence, strength and familiarity…and all these qualities are apparent in Zojirushi’s designs and products. At the centre of Zojirushi’s philosophy is cutting-edge technology to create efficient and easy to use products and this is what sets the company and products apart from it’s competitors.

No Asian kitchen is without a rice cooker or water heater – ask anyone in Asia who the leading brand for these products is and they will reply Zojirushi without hesitation. They are true market leaders and their products have been historically found to be superior by users compared to several other brands found in Asia such as Tiger Corporation, Panasonic/National and Cuckoo.

We do not stock Zojirushi Induction Heating models as they haven’t passed any CE safety tests for use in the UK or Europe so therefore they cannot be legally supplied within the UK or Europe. This is why we developed our own branded Induction Heating rice cookers, Bamboo and Fuji.