Stainless Steel Rice Washing Bowl

High quality 304 stainless steel 22cm diameter rice washing bowl with sturdy silicone grip handle and base ideal for cleaning rice, veg, fruit, pasta etc.


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Stainless Steel Washing Bowl

With sturdy silicone grip handle and base ideal for cleaning rice, veg, fruit, pasta etc.


The Perfect Accessory

Like rice and eat it regularly? Sometimes your rice needs washing / rinsing. Washing rice can be damaging to materials due to the abrasive nature of grains so you need something that is sturdy, durable and easy to hold. You also need to to be able to wash volumes of rice from half a cup up to 10 cups of rice. The bowl also needs to be designed to perform the rinsing action with care using correctly positioned and sized rinsing holes. If you need this then this is where the Yum Asia rice washing bowl can fit all your requirements. 


Why Wash Rice?

The Yum Asia rice washing bowl is perfect for when your rice needs washing. Not all rice needs washing however so please bear this in mind. If your rice is particularly starchy or dirty then run your rice through this washing bowl.

Removing the excessive starch means that your rice should come out less sticky / clumped together. Over washing rice however means that you can actually make the issue worse. Our rice washing bowl is calibrated to help wash your rice with the type of care that your sensitive rice grains demand. 


Why Our Bowl?

Well it looks great and will work in any kitchen but aside from that it’s made of the finest 304 brushed stainless steel which is durable and food safe. It has a durable silicone base and silicone carry handle making it easy to use in the kitchen. This also means it's not slippery when wet when holding or standing securely on your worktop. The materials also withstand heat and are durable to survive the test of time with repeated washing cycles. The bowl is also an optimal size of 22cm diameter so it has a wide area for rinsing and draining. The sieve holes are laser cut for precision and being the perfect size to prevent rice grains escaping and yet allowing water to gently pass over and through the rice.


Can Be Used For More Than Rice

Whilst the rice washing bowl is perfected for rice it can also be very effectively used for other food. These include, pasta, vegetables, cereals, fruit and pulses. No plastic is involved which can flake off into your food which may happen with other plastic based food sieves. Unique to our bowl is the easy to carry comfortable silicone handle which means no slipping from your hands when washing or aching wrists from trying to position your hands to hold an awkward circular shape correctly.

Like everything we do at Yum Asia we do it right. This means high quality and safe materials, well thought out useful products all in one beautiful package. 

How To Wash Rice

  • Be gentle with the grains when washing. Swirl and drain excess starchy water as if you are panning gold.
  • Excessive swishing and too vigorous washing will result in the rice jumping through the baffle and holes which you do not want to happen.
  • The cloudy water is created from the starch in the water. Starch creates stickiness in the rice but don't rinse too much starch from the rice or the rice will lose integrity and also result in over stickiness of the rice.
  • Not all rice needs washing
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Rice Washing Bowl Key Features

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How To Use

Rice washing bowl key steps


No. The wash holes and baffle are precision cut to a size that allows all lengths of rice (and other grains) to be washed. If used correctly and the rice is washed as in a similar manner to panning for gold then the rice will be optimally washed.

In addition to rice you can wash other food such as pasta, vegetables, cereals, fruit and pulses. It is not limited to rice alone.

No. Not all rice needs washing. You can determing this by washing the rice twice (as it’s well processed in modern times) then try cooking it. If it is still too sticky then wash your rice mroe the next time around.

Short grain rice will always need washing fully until the water runs clear as there is a lot more starch with this rice grain type.

If the stainless steel of your bowl begins to lose it’s colour or it has stains that are difficult to remove, then use a little vegetable or olive oil on a tissue and rub it into the steel. This should keep your washing bowl looking nice and clean and lift it’s shine.

The bowl is packaged in a premium quality cardboard colour gift box. This helps protect it so it reaches you in perfect condition and adds value for if you wanted to give it as a gift to someone.

Wash up to 4 cups of rice at a time. You could probably wash more cups of rice than this but by washing your rice in batches ensures that the rice gets correctly rinsed/washed.

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  • High quality 304 stainless steel
  • Premium black colour silicone slip free base and easy carry silicone handle
  • Large 22cm diameter capacity for easy size washing
  • Swirl wash perforations with drain baffle for all rice types to give washing friction but keep grains intact
  • Can also be used to wash vegetables, fruit, pulses, pasta etc
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • Diameter is 22cm and is 10cm deep (supplied in colour gift box)


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  1. Erk

    Very good for washing my basmati and brown rice. I haven’t used it yet for fruit but cleaned my potatoes with it. The steel feels sturdier than average stainless. We went for this one mainly because I have arthritis in both hands and the soft carry handle makes it easy to manipulate. Delivery to Germany was much faster than I expected too )only two days). We are buying another along with a Panda rice cooker because it looks very good too and compact.

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