Premium Nutritious Whole Grain Riceberry – 1kg

Try Thai Riceberry the superfood rice that everyone is talking about. Full of nutrition and health benefits this whole grain can be used alone or combined with other grains for yummy meals!


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Thai Riceberry Rice

Packed full of health benefits and incredibly versatile


What Is Riceberry?

Delicious, nutrient-dense and easy to cook, Riceberry is the amazing creation of the Rice Science Centre of Thailand’s Kasetsart University, officially named and released for mass cultivation and consumption since 2005.

It is a long-grain hybrid of the local non-glutinous purple rice Jao Hom Nin, and the Hom Mali Rice Khoa Dawk Mali 105 (both variants of Jasmine Rice). Cultivated in the cool North and North-East regions of Thailand, riceberry is grown with wholly organic methods throughout the year and takes about 4 months till harvest. It is most suitably planted during the rainy season in August till December.

Riceberry is quite literally the latest pride of Thailand, standing out with its unique raw reddish black colour that turns dark purple when cooked, as well as a long list of great health benefits in preventing chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer. It’s been highly promoted around the world and is known as the new ‘super grain’ of Thailand.


Riceberry’s Wholesome Goodness

Riceberry is a whole grain rice with only the husk removed in the milling process, leaving the highly concentrated nutrients in the bran. Natural anthocyanin gives riceberry its rich colour – a soluble antioxidant compound that inhibits cell damage and lowers cholesterol in your body. Riceberry is packed with other antioxidants as well, including beta carotene, gamma oryzanol and vitamin E. All these help to eliminate free radicals and the growth of cancer cells.

While other types of carb food have higher glycemic Indexes (GI) which gives your bloodstream more sugar, riceberry has a medium to low GI, and thus lowers your overall sugar intake.

The abundance of fibre also helps your digestion, lower blood cholesterol and glucose levels.

All that means eating riceberry can help keep you fit, nourish your skin, prevent wrinkles and slow your aging!


Developed Over A Generation

Don't just take our word for it., search on the internet, research articles and you will find that this super grain is truly a wonder. Years in the making, this rice is truly a work of art that has a list of proven health benefits that goes on and on. It’s the perfect vehicle to eat with a stir-fry, to absorb saucy curries, to accompany stews or broths chocked full of vegetables or meat, or even to use as a quick and simple side to a pan-seared steak and a tossed salad. If you like the taste of white jasmine rice but want to pump up your nutrient intake and get some health benefits along the way then this rice was developed just for you. When cooked it remains light, fluffy and fragrant and cleverly uses the very best characteristics of it's crossbred parent rice grains.


Versatile, Tasty and Easy To Cook!

Riceberry has a rich fragrance with a tender, chewy texture and a light sweetness that goes perfect with any stir-fried, grilled, soup and braised cuisines. Its mild nutty flavour is also great for rice-based salads, while its glutinous quality makes it awesome for desserts.

Best part? Unlike other wholegrain rice that takes forever to cook, riceberry cooks just like brown jasmine rice. Rinse thoroughly to remove dust and excess starch, put about 1.5 parts water to your amount of riceberry, and steam till the water is absorbed or do what the professionals do and use a good rice cooker!

Cooking Instructions

Measure how much rice you want to use

1 cup of rice = 180ml

Rinse the rice in a sieve or similar by running through water

then choose one of these 2 cooking methods

1. Absorption method (Pan)

2. Rice Cooker

1. Absorption method (Pan)

Put 2 cups of water for each cup of rice measured and bring to boil in a saucepan
Then add cover, lower the heat and simmer for 30-35 minutes
Remove from the heat, cover and leave to stand for 5-10 minutes

2. Rice Cooker

Add the required cups of rice to the inner bowl
Add water to the brown rice level line. (use 1 rice cup : 2 cups of water if no level lines)
Choose BROWN rice cook function and press ‘START’

Thai Riceberry In Detail


Non Dairy

Nut Free

Egg Free

Vegan Friendly

Halal Approved

  • 100% pure Thai riceberry whole grain nutritious rice
  • Cross breed of non glutinous purple rice and Hom Mali jasmine rice
  • 7.2 millimetres (9⁄32 in) in length with a grain length width ratio of >3.0
  • Considered a ‘super grain’ owing to multiple nutritional and health benefits
  • Tender chewy texture that is slightly sweet tasting
  • Can be combined with normal white jasmine as it cooks at the same rate
  • Ideal for a variety of east Asian dishes or general use
  • Selected for use in rice cookers and saucepans
  • Well sized 1kg poly bag


Bag Depth (front to back)
Bag Width (side to side)
Bag Height (base to top)
Bag Weight With Contents


Learn about grain types, cooking tips and more



Name Of GrainRiceberry
Grain Colour Pink/Purple
Grain Length 7.2mm
Grain Length To Width Ratio >3
TasteSlightly sweet
Fragrance Jasmine, berry
Texture slightly sticky, clingy
Used For Asian dishes or general use
GrownRoi et, Thailand


Calories360kcal or 1506kJ
Fat / Lipids - of which are saturated3g (0g)
Carbohydrates - Fibres - Sugars74g 24g 0g


28 reviews

28 reviews for Premium Nutritious Whole Grain Riceberry – 1kg

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  1. Josephine

    C’est super bon et croquant à croquer

  2. arneil

    Never try rice berry before so this will fun to cook lol.

  3. melly_J

    Fantastic super food my partner and I enjoy every spoon full of it.

  4. jerny08

    I made myself Riceberry hot smoked salmon salad and the rice it’s tasty. Highly recommended this rice grain.

  5. Günter

    sehr empfehlenswert

  6. Uwe

    Ich kann es kaum erwarten, viele neue Rezepte mit dieser Reisbeere zu kochen. Ich kaufe hier braunen Reis und ich liebe es.

  7. ALvaro02

    wow disfruto comiendo este arroz berry

  8. lucia

    Es la primera vez que como este arroz baya y recomiendo probar este arroz.

  9. Arch

    Can’t get enough of this super food

  10. Floris37


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