What is Slow Cooking?

A rice cooker can be used for so much more than rice and grains. Some rice cookers have a SLOW COOK function which can replace your traditional slow cooker – the benefit of using a rice cooker as a slow cooker is because it is a sealed unit and very heat efficient. Your food cooks faster but still at that low tenderising heat and the flavour / juices get retained or reabsorbed. The slow cook setting can be used for cooking full joints of meat, soups or casseroles/stews. It’s a versatile function that can also be used for lentils/beans making cooking them easier. For most slow cook recipes you an literally throw in all the ingredients at the start and let the slow cooking do the work.

How To Slow Cook In A Rice Cooker


You can cook pork with just seasoning, or you can use our spice rub for example which is great for pulled pork. Massage the spice rub (optional but recommended) into the pork and leave it for at least 3 hours . Put the pork into the inner bowl and cook for 6-8 hours – the longer the better (no matter how much pork you are cooking). Make sure you use the SLOW COOK function on your rice cooker. Once cooked, shred the pork joint with two forks and optionally add barbeque sauce.


Season the beef well on all sides with salt and pepper. Place the beef inside the inner bowl and cook for 4-6 hours on the slow cook setting depending on how large the joint is and how well you want the beef done. No water is needed as the meats own juices will be sufficient. and because the unit is sealed the flavour gets recycled through the meat to intensify things. 


Whole chickens are usually too large to fit into a rice cooker inner bowl, but you can cook chicken breasts, chicken thighs (bone in or out) or legs on the SLOW COOK setting. Cook for 1-2 hours depending on how much chicken you are cooking. The bigger the amount the longer you have to leave it on slow cook.

We would recommend using a marinade or a spice rub on the chicken and place inside the inner bowl with some chopped up vegetables on the bottom, you can then shred the chicken with two forks and use in a salad, quesadillas, burritos, wraps. A simple and tasty trick! Fancy something to get your taste buds tingling then try something like our Piri Piri recipe.



Fish doesn’t take very long on SLOW COOK. The better way to cook most fish is actually to use the STEAM function and cook the fish using hot steam (see below). This prevents drying out. If slow cooking a fish stew then you can use the slow cook function  but maybe add the fish further into the cooking cycle.


Any soup/casserole/stew that can be cooked in a pan can be cooked using the SLOW COOK function of a rice cooker. Create heart warming soups such as chicken and pearl barley or Minestrone, stews such as this Moroccan and chickpea delight. You can also use the SLOW COOK function to make tender flavour rich dishes such as our recipes for chilli con carne or beef goulash. Trust us when we say that these slow cook recipes are simply amazing!


How To Steam In A Rice Cooker

A lot of rice cookers have a STEAM function and you can usually use a rice cooker as a stand alone steamer. If doing this use 1.5-2 cups of water in the inner bowl for steaming alone. Alternatively, you can cook rice at the same time as steaming food.

If steaming whilst cooking rice, you would use the rice function for the type of rice you are cooking and add the steaming basket to the inner bowl above the rice. Cooking rice and steaming at the same time is a quick and very easy way to prepare full, one pot healthy meals. Below is a guide for estimated cooking different types of food on the ‘STEAM’ function.

Steaming Guide

Carrot200g / 1pc20Cut into bite size pieces
Broccoli200g15Cut into bite size pieces
Spinach100g15Cut into bite size pieces
Pumpkin250g20Cut into bite size pieces
Potato450g40Cut into bite size pieces
Sweet Potato300g35Cut into bite size pieces
Corn200g35Cut into bite size pieces
Chicken200g / fillet30Make cuts on side touching the steam basket
Fish (white fish and salmon)150g20Slice to less than 2cm and wrap in foil
Prawn and Scallops15 pcs / 150g20Prawns - steam without removing shells Scallops - remove from shell
Refrigerated Meat Dumplings200g15Leave space between food
Frozen Meat Dumplings200g20Cut into bite size pieces


Please check the rice capacity guide page for information about sizing.

There is a maximum number of cups you can steam because the rice expanding during the cooking cycle may cause the steaming basket to push the lid open.
Panda – 1 cup,Kumo – 1 cup,Sakura and Bamboo – 3 cups,Fuji – 2 cups,NS-TSQ10 and NS-AAQ10 – 2 cups,NS-TSQ18 and NS-AAQ18 – 4 cups

You can use the in built Çompare feature of our website’. Every rice cooker has a compare icon you can click. Alternatively you can check our rice cooker comparison page here.

If you are still stuck you can get more guidance from our Choose a rice cooker page here

You can also use our rice cooker advisor tool above. It will ask you a series of questions and then based upon your answers will curate some rice cooker choices for you.

For Yum Asia models in Europe the manual is supplied in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

For Yum Asia models in the USA the manual is supplied in English, French and Spanish.

For Zojirushi models the language of the user manuals are English only

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