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So you like rice or you have a rice cooker and you want to explore what you can cook?

Our Greedy Panda cookbook and blog site can help you with this.

We have many recipes from cuisines all around the world with varied (but easy to buy) ingredients that range from easy to moderately difficult. 

Not only are our recipes accessible to all but they are great tasting thanks to our Greedy Panda cooking team who ensure that all our recipes are to our exacting standard. 

We also include handy cooking tips, useful troubleshooting guides and a lot more so what are you waiting for? Let's dig in!

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Exclusive advice from the rice experts

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Over 140 recipes

Vegetarian, Fish, Meat and Desserts

Healthier food


Veg lasagna, fried rice, jollof rice, Thai green curry...we have them all

Hearty goodness


Stroganoff, beef rendang, kimbap. rogan josh and much more

Aquatic delights


Salmon teryaki, Goan fish curry, Tenmusu, Sushi ideas etc

Treat time


Rice pudding, soul warming porridge, yummy cheesecake ..and so it goes

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One Pot

All done in a rice cooker without the need for a saucepan

Easy does it

Light Meals

Easy on the waistline and easy to make

Liquid meals


Heart warming liquid fillers. Always healthy

Perfect with rice


Like spicy? You will love these curries

Arguably the best cuisine?


Rich curries, spicy rice dishes and  yummy desserts to tantalise the tastebuds

Elaborate and tasty


Tacos, chilli, burritos, spicy rice dishes and more

A favourite of ours


Delicious curries, dals and more with multi levels of spice

Not just Sushi


Precise, delicate and considered recipes

Far East delights


Chinese food is one of the oldest and most diverse in the world with unusual ingredients

A mix of it all


Comfort food enjoyed by everyone

Fresh and healthy dishes


Pizza, risottos, pasta and more comprise this simple but tasty cuisine

Fresh seasonal ingredients


Bulgogi, bibimbap and more