Fuji Rice Cooker SHINSEI Handmade Ceramic Inner Bowl

Includes free shipping. Genuine inner bowl part for the Fuji rice cooker YUM-IH07.


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This ‘SHINSEI’ bowl is specifically made for the Yum Asia Fuji ‘UMAI’ Induction Heating rice cooker (YUM-IH07), it is not suitable for use in other rice cookers, even if it looks like it would fit!

  • 5mm Handmade Ceramic Bowl
  • BPA Free
  • PTFE Free
  • Silk print rice level lines
  • Healthy Safe Cooking
  • Excellent Thermal Performance
  • 4 cup rice cup capacity / 0.8 litre of uncooked rice
  • 10cm internal height x 18.5cm internal diameter

The ‘SHINSEI’ bowl is particularly thick, heavy and hard wearing and is made with high quality materials.

To preserve the life of your ‘SHINSEI’ bowl you should only use the plastic spatula provided with Fuji or a silicone or wooden utensil. Never put the ‘SHINSEI’ bowl in a dishwasher, just wipe clean with a damp sponge or wash carefully in soapy water. Please take extreme care as the bowl is pure ceramic and needs more care than a normal rice cooker inner bowl.

The high quality BPA-free and PTFE-free ceramic walls of the SHINSEI bowl ensures no rice sticks to the inner bowl and it is a healthy option for your family.

Each SHINSEI bowl takes approximately 12 weeks to be handcrafted. This is because of the repeated firing process and slow perfecting of the ceramic material that is carefully engineered to work with Fuji’s induction heating system.

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