Zojirushi NS-YSQ10 fuzzy logic rice cooker

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Rice Cooker Size Guide

Think about how many people you will be cooking for and work from there.... 1ml = 1g
Capacity Uncooked White Rice Cooked White Rice Uncooked Brown Rice Cooked Brown Rice Multicook Number Of People
1 cup 180ml ~360ml ~90ml ~270ml - 1
2.5 cup 450ml ~1350ml ~270ml ~810ml ~900ml 1-2
3.5 cup 630ml ~1890ml ~360ml ~1260ml ~1300ml 1-3
4 cup 720ml ~2160ml ~720ml ~1440ml ~1400ml 1-4
5.5 cup 1000ml ~3000ml ~720ml ~2000ml ~2100ml 1-5
8 cup 1500ml ~4500ml ~1000ml ~3000ml ~3300ml 1-8
10 cup 1800ml ~5400ml ~1500ml ~3600ml - 1-10
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  • 5.5-cup / 1 litre capacity – enough for 1-5 people
  • White, sushi, brown, and sweet
  • Thicker / thinner congee (porridge), short grain rice and slow cook
  • Premium ‘taste’  (also known as ‘Umami’) and GABA brown rice settings
  • 1.5mm Sumiflon (Teflon) non-stick inner pan
  • 12 Hour keep warm (extendable by 8 hours) reheat function
  • Preset timer feature (up to 13 hours in advance)
  • Low energy LCD display with clock
  • Spherical heating system
  • Detachable aluminium coated inner lid
  • Includes measuring cup, non-stick rice spatula and spatula holder.
  • 220-240V, 50Hz. Factory made for European power (EU Schuko plug/cable and UK plug/cable included)

Producing restaurant-quality rice at home is made easy with this 5½-cup (enough to feed 1-5 people) Zojirushi NS-YSQ10 micom fuzzy logic electric rice cooker and warmer. This is a medium capacity cooker with an attractive, unique design of a durable clear-coated bronze stainless exterior. The NS-YSQ10 features additional settings including thicker/thinner congee (porridge), short grain rice, slow cook, Premium ‘taste’ (also known as ‘Umami’) and GABA brown rice settings. This cooker is designed to be used on 220-240V, 50Hz power and is supplied with both EU and UK power cord and plugs. This Zojirushi model is made in Japan..

The NS-YSQ10 has multi-menu selections which uses Micom (micro-computerised) Fuzzy logic technology to control the temperature for the efficient cooking of many different types of rice including white, sushi, porridge, brown, and sweet rice. There is also a quick cooking feature on this model. The micro computer chip inside the NS-YSQ10 automatically makes adjustments to temperature and heating time – it ensures perfect rice every time.

The Zojirushi NS-YSQ10 has an automatic keep-warm function. There is a countdown feature during the last 10 minutes of the cooking cycle and when the rice is cooked a tune is played and the cooker automatically shifts to keep warm mode. For added convenience, the NS-YSQ10 has a low light LCD display with clock and timer function (for up to 13 hours in advance), a 1.5mm Sumiflon/Teflon coated inner bowl and a convenient detachable inner lid for easy cleaning


Item Depth (front to back)
Item Width (side to side)
Item Height (base to top)
Item Weight


Package Depth (front to back)
Package Width (side to side)
Package Height (base to top)
Package Weight


Yes. Zojirushi rice cooker are factory made for UK and European 220-240V, 50Hz power supply.

No. USA units are not compatible with UK and European power supply (they are 110V and 60Hz) and you would need to purchase a bulky and expensive transformer to convert the voltage so you could use it. Transformers for stepping up voltage take up a lot of electricity when converting voltage, are bulky and don’t convert the cyclical electricity frequency of an appliance (ie they don’t convert from 60Hz to 50Hz). We have had several customers who have tried to use US rice cookers with a voltage converter and they do not work or broke within 6 months.

Japanese models are confusing as they are available in both 110V and 240V power ratings. Please take care if going this route.

Yes. The display and menu is in English and the supplied manual is also in English.

Note that there are no other language options are available for the manual.

To take a look at the manuals, they are available to download.

To download user manuals in the UK please  click here

To download user manuals in Europe please click here

Zojirushi rice cookers have lithium batteries that are used only for retaining timer and cooking memory for if there is a power interruption. The batteries have an estimated lifespan of around 5-10 years depending on use.

These batteries are not essential to the operation of the rice cookers but can be replaced only at authorised Zojirushi service centres if you feel you need to have it replaced. After warranty you would need to contact one of these centres if you wish the battery to be replaced. 

We have no plans at all to sell Zojirushi Induction Heating models because the Zojirushi IH models for 220-240V power haven’t passed any CE safety tests for use in the UK or Europe so they therefore cannot be legally supplied within the UK or Europe, so this is why we do not supply them. Not only is there a voltage difference but there is a difference in the frequency of electricity used. The Zojirushi IH models are also very, very expensive to purchase (around £150-200 more than our conventional rice cooker models).

We do have our own branded Induction Heating rice cookers, Fuji YUM-IH07 and Bamboo YUM-IH15/2/B. These are the first IH rice cooker to be made for the UK and Europe. It has many unique rice cooking features which Yum Asia developed using our rice cooker/cooking expertise.


To read more about our IH rice cookers click here.

To buy IH rice cookers in the UK click here

To buy IH rice cookers in Europe click here

Yes, we supply spare parts for Zojirushi rice cookers for customers who bought their rice cooker from Yum Asia. 

These spare parts need to be ordered in advance and can take approximately 8-12 weeks (minimum lead time) to come in stock.

Please provide your Yum Asia order number when contacting us to request your spare part. Our prices for spare parts include shipping and the spare parts we supply can be found on our spare parts pages.

Spare parts pages for the UK click here

Spare parts pages for Europe click here

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33 reviews

33 reviews for Zojirushi NS-YSQ10 fuzzy logic rice cooker

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  1. J. McBride (UK)

    Many thanks for the very fast and efficient delivery. I received delivery today and have already cooked 2 lots of rice. My first was a basmati rice which I set to be done on the premium setting. The rice was fabulous. It was at least as good as anything I have had from a restaurant. Every grain was separate and fluffy without being wet or sticky. This is really what I have been after for years. I also tried a GABA rice as I have recently got very interested in this as a health food. I used an Italian brown rice which I had previously tried as activated brown rice using a non machine method. This method took me 48 hours, Today using my new machine I achieved GABA rice that was activated to the same extent as my manual method in just 4 hours. the machine rice was a little more sticky than I thought it would be, but it was soft and flavoursome. It went very well with chilli con carne. I may have overdone the water a little? I can see the learning curve with this machine should be pretty short as it is so straight forward to use.

    I have also quickly realised I can cook more than I require and freeze portions for later use as when it is this good it is better than pre cooked rice that I can buy. I can’t wait to try the sushi setting.

    Me and my kids will be going camping in a few weeks. I think this machine will extend the range of options I have to feed them well while we are away and allow a degree of flexibility because of the facility to keep the rice warm.

  2. D. Cole (UK)

    I recently purchased the NS-YSQ10 rice cooker. I would just like to let you know that I am very pleased with this product, so many good features especially the brown rice setting, regards

  3. C. Hoo (UK)

    We received our zojirishi rice cooker yesterday which was replacing a broken Tefal cooker. It was received in good condition and was surprised by its compact size. It looks very well built and it obvious that it was built by a nation of rice eaters (as are we). The instructions were straight forward and clear.

    We cooked our first pot of rice this morning, and found it amusing that it played melodies by default. Although it took slightly longer than the old rice cooker but the resulting rice was far superior than any I’ve had so far. As described, fluffy, perfectly cooked and bringing out the sweetness in the rice.

    Although initially put off by the high price, I can see why this cooker commands such a price – fantastic build and great tasting rice. We’ll be using it almost daily and look forward to many years of tasty rice. Only complaint is that, it sets a new high standard against all cookers will now be judged by ourselves!! Thanks again

  4. J. Rietmann (Switzerland)

    I received the rice cooker at the 23rd of December and used it over the last days. The rice is way better than out of a normal cooker, we’re delighted. Many thanks. Best regards from Switzerland

  5. A. Czapnik (Ireland)

    Hello. we received our NS-YSQ10 in perfect condition within days after ordering it on line. I would like you to know that we are very happy with the product and very much pleased with the excellent service too. Thank you so much.

  6. J. Donahue (Germany)

    Well, I just have to say that from ordering to using my NS-YSQ10, everthing was flawless. Donna and Neil at the YUM ASIA team were more than helpful, and the service and shipping were outstanding. I am more than pleased with my new rice cooker. Thanks so, so much. Highly recommened.!!!!

  7. C.Carpena (France)

    I received my rice cooker 4 open days after my order. Great ! I tried thai and basmati rice. The rice is at least as good as i can do it on my best day. The trick is, with the rice cooker, it’s the best day every day 🙂
    The arborio rice is amazing. I’m looking forward to do sushi rice. May be tomorrow…

    I’m very happy with my first rice cooker ! Thanks !

  8. F. Colas (Netherlands)

    The packet just arrived tonight. The zojirushi was tried immediately. Excellent first try. Thanks a lot for the packing (very nice) and the sending.

    My best wishes for the new year

  9. Y Isana (Belgium)

    Delivered within 3 open days. We’ve tried it once, and the rice was perfect. I’ve never been able to do such rice before.


    this is by far the best online company that i have ever ordered from,every question i had both before and after i had ordered this rice cooker was answered promptly and in great detail.
    i am now the proud owner of this rice cooker and am more than happy with it,and it arrived within 2 days.
    thank you so much for your advice and help donna and neil

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